Project Award: Japantown Peace Plaza Renovation

January 3, 2024

Starting in June of 2024, Plant will renovate the Japantown Peace Plaza, a major cultural landmark with iconic on-site structures like the historic Peace Pagoda monument. The outdoor plaza is over 30,000 square feet in area and built over a parking garage. The scope of work includes demolition of the existing plaza down the structural roof slab, seismic retrofit of structural concrete, and installation of new, below- grade drainage and waterproofing. The plaza will be completed with new pavers, landscape planters and irrigation, decorative walls, curbs and railings, lighting and electrical systems. Architectural work includes the construction of a new storage building. The existing buildings at the Japan Center Mall that front the edge of Peace Plaza as well as the parking garage below will be occupied and used by the public during construction.


The $16 million project, designed by the San Francisco Department of Public Works, is set for completion in July of 2025.