Alcatraz Quartermaster Warehouse

Built in 1921, the Quartermaster Warehouse is a concrete reinforced building designed as a military storehouse to contain all the supplies for the officers’ quarters. It later became the battery house and a multi-purpose storage space.  Today it still serves as the main source of power for the entire island. Logistics of working on an island without permanent power, potable water, and cell phone reception are unique.  Furthermore, most of the work had to be done between September and March to accommodate the federally protected birds.


Most of the crumbling concrete was rehabilitated, new electrical and plumbing systems were added, new roof panels imported from England were installed (and repainted with the famous Alcatraz sign), and a freight lift was added next to new metal stairs — all while the island’s solar power center was kept operational. Furthermore, the east facade was painted in restored Native American political statements from the 1969 Indian Occupation; recreated by several of the original occupiers and their children.

San Francisco, CA
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Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy
National Parks Service
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