The Graduate Hotel

Located at 488 University Avenue in the heart of downtown Palo Alto, this project involved the restoration and renovation of the historic 57,000 SF Hotel President. The iconic, six-story building was designed by the renowned Birge Clark in the Spanish Colonial Revival style in 1929 and first opened to guests in 1930. Plant is restoring the building’s original hotel use by converting 75 vacant apartments, located on floors two through six, to 100 hotel guestrooms of the Graduate Hotel. Vacant retail spaces on the first floor were repositioned to support the hotel’s public space program, including the lobby, lounge, and public restrooms. The roof level features an exterior F&B amenity and public restrooms.

Palo Alto, CA
57,000 SF
AJ Capital Partners
Design Team
ELS Architecture and Urban Design
Palo Alto Stanford Heritage Preservation Award (2023)