Children’s Day School Middle School Campus

Originally constructed as a church, the building at 601 Dolores Street in San Francisco formerly served as a soup kitchen and was most recently converted to a high-end, single-family residence before being sold to Children’s Day School. Renovation of the property for use as a middle school consisted of removal of most of the interior floors and walls to make way for accessibility and seismic upgrades.


The full interior build-out of the ground level, second level, mezzanine level, and upper tower levels provides classroom and administrative spaces for educational use. In this design, the south side of the roof level is also built out as inviting seating and garden space. Accessibility to all levels was made possible through the installation of an elevator and three communicating stairs. Plant performed upgrades to the building exterior, utility connections, entries, and surrounding sidewalks. The project also includes specialty functions (theatrical, assembly, science, arts, lounges, etc.), salvage and re-use of existing finishes, and all new MEPFS systems.

San Francisco, CA
19,500 SF
Children's Day School
Design Team
Jensen Architects