St. Mark’s Lutheran Church

Plant’s first project in 2006 focused on the seismic rehabilitation of the historic St. Mark’s Lutheran Church, which was originally built in 1895. The building temporarily served as a hospital following the 1906 earthquake, having narrowly escaped the ensuing fires, and other than repairs and improvements, the structure and interiors remained largely unchanged from the original construction. The scope of the seismic retrofit work included center coring, shotcrete, and strengthening of floors and roof trusses. Plant also constructed restrooms, a kitchen, and classrooms. Finishes were removed and installed for three original staircases and most of the doors and frames. Improvements were made to the heating, ventilation, plumbing, fire sprinkler and electrical systems.


The team returned in 2017 to construct a new addition containing a special access elevator to improve accessibility to each of the three levels at St. Mark’s Lutheran Church. The project adhered to strict historical preservation requirements and very tight space constraints between the existing building and the property line.


San Francisco, CA
16,000 SF
Saint Mark's Lutheran Church
Design Team
ELS Architecture
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